essone Nutritive Day Serum

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The Nutritive Day Serum is concentrated from nutrient-rich botanicals, directly targeting fine lines deep below the outer layer of skin, delivering vitamins of A, C & E to slow the ageing process, fight free radicals, assist collagen production & support cellular repair.

All essone products are anhydrous, this means that they are absent from water. Products deliver more potency to the skin than products with aqua or aloe listed as their first ingredient. This reduces evaporation and increases longevity once applied.




+grape seed Vitis vinifera, +rosehip Rosa rubiginosa, +sweet almond Prunus dulcis, +boarage Borago officinalis, *carrot seed Daucus carota, *frankincense Boswellia carterii, +myrrh Commiphora myrrh. 

+  organic, * essential oil




Shake vile prior to use and lightly roll around eyes or any areas of concern until absorbed. Reapply as needed throughout the day.


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